Saturday, 24 May 2014

Hard Drive Magnets: mount a Cree 30W LED spotlight on a dirt bike

I bought one of these Cree 30W LEDs

note i've attached a Hard Drive Magnet to a rubber doorstop and bolted the Cree to that

fits in my hand (see the magnet?)

I mounted a frame on my bike - made from a small folding stool frame, a piece of wood and some convenient iron based attachments - note the pipe clamps near the sunglasses. Note also the yellow stretchy holds the frame down against the faring - YMMV

after i place the spot on the frame i just clip on my power cord

I have so much wire because it doubles as a workshop or emergency light if i have a breakdown at night

then i just plug it in to the 12V socket i previously installed

those rare earth magnets - they are versatile and, for now, cheap because there are a lot of hard disks out there that are dead or dying


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