Friday, 29 March 2013

the battle against change

The battle between those who think we can fend off biological inevitability by stamping out its sociological symptoms rages on

which side is right?

the "right" side's belief is bound to societies that only occasionally encountered high population densities and none of them anything like what we have today

those left think that, no matter what our path to the future, all expressions of nature within ourselves are legitimate if the numbers say they are

both are trying to deal with the issue of population* and growth the same way

by ignoring it

Peck, Adam. Newest Darling Of The Republican Party Compares Same-Sex Marriage To NAMBLA, Bestiality. . 2013-03-28. URL: Accessed: 2013-03-28.(Archived by WebCite® at

*see also John B. Calhoun

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