Saturday, 30 March 2013

one of your genes might be the human species lifeboat

I guess that's the idea behind "go forth and multiply" (not to be confused by this or with this sort of multiplication)

(extinction threat population rules seem right now no longer to apply)

just think though

one of your genes or one of the genes of one of your offspring

might be the saviour of all the other genes, or at least some

you might just be the human species lifeboat (kinda like these fire ants)


"all other priorities rescinded"

perhaps that's the underlying issue with conservatives versus liberals

liberals try at least to associate themselves with the whole of creation (and all of its genes)

conservatives just pretend to, or don't bother



yes that's 5 prime to 3 prime

5 prime to 3 prime remember

(Okazaki fragments)

more DNA Replication

see also Crucial step in human DNA replication observed for the first time


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