Friday, 27 February 1998

A lot to sing about


my life has been an endless flow of problems poorly met
and people i have not allowed my heart to not forget
and here now as i see the end not far from where i sit
it comes to me i've let a lot go by and let life slip

So what i do from here on in as i work to the end
will have to be a better go and that's what i intend
i know that if i focus on the things that really count
my life will be a tapestry of actions all devout

for all must die and all we leave are signs that others see
that mark the way to where they might and where they might not be
and better markers left in place will light the path that's true
and i can not believe that there is better I could do

my gift with words i sought it not but so it seems to me
that i have now a purpose that is clear and right and free
of any failing that might make a focus for attack
and so i know that as i walk i needn't watch my back

i've turned the other cheek to those i've suffered from before
and now i find their love emerging even though they're poor
for riches in the heart are really what it's all about
and so my friends there is a path and i am but a scout

so brighten up and hold your head up high as you live on
for you are as a king or poet, filled with power and song
and once you have like me found out that life is really good
you too might seek to spread this news and so it is you should

so spread it wide and feel secure that love is all we need
to make the world a better place and conquer fear and greed
for fear and greed are just the signs that we are full of doubt
and once that doubt is gone there is a lot to sing about

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