Saturday, 10 August 2002

hiding in the dark

song 2002

i'm your secret you keep me hidden in the dark
hidden lover but of your life i have no part

we have a secret code we use when you want me to be there
"roses pizza" baby means i'm standing on your stair

i'm nobody baby anybody knows about
so when the doorbell rings you have tell me to get out

i don't know just how long i can handle being someone
nobody knows about or realises that i'm so in  love with you
i'll do what you want me to
even if it means i'm hiding in the dark

we can't walk together hand in hand along the city street
we don't know who might see us or who we just might meet

we can't sit together in a fitzroy restaurant
we can't kiss and hug in public even if it's what we want

i'm your lover baby and i'm so in love with you
i'm your hidden lover baby please tell me you are true

when i lie alone at night thinking only that i want to be with you
please baby tell me what to do
to stop me crying while i lie here in the dark

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