Sunday, 31 July 2011

happy birthday mum

to you mum happy birthday
and i wish you many more
i hope you have a lovely day
and presents by the score

you've always been there for my need
you've never let me down
and even when things aren't so good
you never wear a frown

they say the ancient sages
taught praise for God above
but you're the only one i've known
to teach me peace and love

to me you are a sage of peace
who harms no living thing
who cherishes all forms of life
that walk or crawl or sing

if more of us were just like you
the world would not be bad
there'd be more understanding
so mum i hope you're glad

for all that you've achieved in life
can not be bought or sold
your children and their children too
and their's are our true gold

and all of us look up to you
and all that you have done
so i can say with all my heart
i'm proud to be your son

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