Wednesday, 9 January 2019

The very worst band in the world

Ok so i've had a chance to update this piece with better gear etc

this is my ongoing quest to build a system that i can use to record songs i write - from primitive to, well, er, maybe slightly less primitive

have copied the youtube notes below the line

AKA "for Pete's sake 2"

so, my very cheap mixer turned up and this is me trying to fathom it all

set to 8 track mono (has a 4 channel stereo mode too)

So [TAKSTAR->ART Pre]->Mixer Ch1; [Uke->Piezo->Zoom A3  effects]->Mixer Ch2; Yamaha drum (08 +6 tempo)->Mixer Ch3

mixer out to 2 amps one has line out to the Pentax microphone jack and from there to SD card

There's some obvious nexts but it's all fun and experimenting

incidentally what i'm watching intently is the peaking lights so i don't clip

and, all the devices are 12V or 9V

still needs a lot of work

oh yeh, there're a couple of blunders

oh yeh, and the camera overheats and shuts off recording after about 5 minutes

the words are basically same as original here