Monday, 5 January 1998



i sought a pearl beneath the waves
and found there one devine
a true unfettered spirit
good soul and body fine

i tried to be a husband
but failed with jealousy
that she is a woman
is plain enough to see

i tried to keep her to myself
i tried to lock her in
and tried and tried to be the best
that she could ever win

but though i sought her passion
her love and all her soul
behind the bars of my despair
she yearned another goal

And so the years have vanished
and all have been in pain
for i have tried to cage a soul
but nothing did i gain

We make the world we live in
and struggle with our lot
with little clear direction
we tie a lifetimes knot

but it is all illusion
and paper has no life
the only way is freedom
if you want a loving wife

and now at last i understand
i hope it's not to late
for me to make a better me
and learn from my mistake

and though you might think i'm ok
and she is all of sin
look in your heart and ask yourself
if you'd have locked her in

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